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Teacher teams, each with an arts specialist included, plan rich arts integration curriculum.... learn more
The Perpich Arts Integration Network of Teachers fosters collaborative arts integration in Minnesota through K-12 teacher professional development and funding to schools. With Perpich Center facilitation, teacher teams develop and implement arts-integrated lessons and units. 

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  • student contimplating skull

    Teaching how to think is just as important as teaching anything else

    Posted on Sep 30, 2015

    Arts integrated lessons that are developed in the Perpich Arts Integration Project often unfold with Inquiry-based learning approaches. This blog by Peter Ellerton, reposted from The Conversation, examines the thinking skills involved in inquiry learning.

  • shipwreck underwater

    Breaking Down the Walls, Building up the Excitement

    Posted on Apr 06, 2015

    Shipwrecks abound in room 202 at William Kelley High School in Silver Bay, MN. Each student in my class is researching his or her very own Lake Superior shipwreck. Engagement has never been higher. Students feel ownership over their reading because they are the only one with knowledge about a particular shipwreck. After a local storyteller’s visit, students have begun telling their own stories. Conversations between students and parents have been sparked as students bring their excitement home.

  • transformation graphic

    Transformation through Collaboration

    Posted on Mar 17, 2015

    Interdisciplinary learning and collaborative group work can be challenging (and rewarding) for students. Our students explored the big idea of transformation through poetry, animation, and music while working in groups to produce a final project. We as teachers worked to bring the tools and techniques of each of our disciplines to make this learning a rich interdisciplinary experience for our students. Our transformations began....

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