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Teaching how to think is just as important as teaching anything else

Arts integrated lessons that are developed in the Perpich Arts Integration Project often unfold with Inquiry-based learning approaches. This blog by Peter Ellerton, reposted from The Conversation, examines the thinking skills involved in inquiry learning.

Pam Paulson

Risky Business

Being an educator doesn’t always mean you personally want to keep learning, growing and changing, but when it does it is stunning.

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Creators, Not Consumers

Stacy wrote this blog as part of the Arts Integration Project online learning module about 21st century skills and arts integration.

Andy Jensen


Editor's note: Andy Jensen is beginning this school year in a new role.  Instead of running the music and band program for a large high school in southeast Minnesota, and as he says, “teaching kids about the difference between whole notes and quarter notes,” this year he will be helping teachers in the Perpich Arts Integration Network enliven teaching and learning through the arts. He has joined the Perpich arts integration team to share his enthusiasm for integrating music with multiple disciplines.

Robin Werner

Co-Teaching is a Win-Win for All

As an elementary teacher, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with other elementary teachers in the past, so the idea of collaborating was not new to me. But collaborating with the music teacher and the art teacher was! I remember thinking that my students would benefit from our collaboration a great deal, but I had no idea that our PAINT (Perpich Arts Integration Network of Teachers) team would benefit from it as well!


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