Bigfork School

Students will begin to develop a deeper understanding of world cultures. Carnival celebrate in Latin culture will be the focus. This focus will include appreciation for music, instruments, masks, dancing, decorations, and the support of members of family and community together.

Curriculum Units:

  • Visual Arts, English Language Arts

    Students interview either an older relative or an elder in the community to develop an understanding of local, national or world history. Students create a digital biography about the person they interviewed. From the historical time period of the digital biography, students employ elements of fiction and the elements of the graphic novel to also create their own graphic short story about an historical event.

  • Math, Science, Media Arts

    Geometry is a universal tool for detecting and understanding relationships in nature. Students find and photograph underlying geometric properties found in nature. Using the photographs, students sequence their photographs into a presentation documenting the geometric properties and the relationships (parts to whole) found in organic structures in nature.

School Year


Project Participants

Pamela Francisco

  • Math

Robyn Heinle

  • Science

Dan King

  • English Language Arts

Nosara Kuschel

  • Spanish

Siri Prato

  • English Language Arts

Roberta Steinhart

  • Visual Arts

Team Lead

  • Siri Prato


Grand Rapids ISD 318