Cromwell-Wright School

Curriculum Units:

  • Visual Arts, Math, Music

    In this unit, students will learn about patterns in music, visual arts, and 1st grade math.  The students will create a visual regular, repeating, or growing patterns using lines, colors, and shapes . They will construct musical instruments to read, play, and create musical patterns.

School Year


Project Participants

Pat Berthiaume

  • Business, Social Studies

Mellisa Lind

  • Elementary generalist-grade 1, Elementary generalist-grade 2

Kristen Palmquist

  • Music

Brian Schilling

  • Media Specialist, Social Studies, Technology

Rachel Weizenegger

  • Visual Arts

Lori Wester

  • Science

Team Lead

  • Kristen Palmquist


Cromwell-Wright ISD 95