Washington Elementary School

not pictured: Kim Peddle

Curriculum Units:

  • English Language Arts, Music, Media Arts

    Students explored the essential question, “What are the qualities of a hero/heroine?” and “How are heros/heroines expressed in story and music and art. In response to the big idea of Courage students create a visual story/movie with a musical accompaniment to represent the actions, words,  and thoughts of characters in their story. Like text, art, music, and video have a language that can provide a lot of information or tell a story.

  • Math, Music

    Students explore many types of codes including musical codes, computer codes, and sound codes. Students demonstrate their understanding of codes by writing different kinds of code for specific purposes.

School Year


Project Participants

Katy Buytaert

  • Music

Andrea Cacek

  • Visual Arts

Sarah Kulig

  • Music

Nicole Lackas

  • Elementary generalist-grade 5

Tracy Mattson

  • Elementary generalist-kindergarten

Kim Peddle

  • Elementary generalist-grade 3

Cathy Rikkola

  • Elementary generalist-grade 2

Julie Schultz

  • Elementary generalist-grade 1

Heather Young

  • Elementary generalist-grade 4


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