William Kelley High School

not pictured: Katie Fritz

Curriculum Units:

  • Visual Arts, English Language Arts, Math

    Students will understand that Lake Superior, their home, has great stories to learn and to experience. From research and understanding of the purpose of story they wrote a claims-support-conclusion paragraph and retold a shipwreck event from the perspective of a person aboard the ship. Math skills were used for creating an informational map to support the story. Each student bound their pages using a “stab-bound” method of bookmaking and contributed to a classroom anthology of their writing.

School Year


Project Participants

Katie Fritz

  • English Language Arts

Lela Goettl

  • Elementary generalist-grade 3, Special Education

Dan Johnson

  • Math

Lisa Malcomb

  • Visual Arts

Kris Peterson

  • Music


Lake Superior School District #381