McKinley Elementary

Curriculum Units:

  • Visual Arts, English Language Arts, Science

    The first grade students will read text, research and write informational text about a prairie animal. Students use information about the animal and its habitat to create a collage in the style of Eric Carle that visually represents the animal and includes features of the prairie animal’s habitat.

  • Visual Arts, STEM, Science

    Students will identify the resources that plants need to live. Through Science, Technology, Engineering,  and Math (STEM) investigation, students will be able to describe the different ways in which plants fulfill their needs. In art, students learn how to be able to describe a plant visually. Using their learning about plants students integrate learning to create  informative signage for a community garden the students designed and planted.

  • Visual Arts, Science

    Students integrate science learning about solids and liquids and how ice is formed to create ice sculptures that incorporate found objects and the elements of art.

School Year


Project Participants

Lindsey Born

  • Elementary generalist-grade 4

Maria Conzemius

  • Elementary generalist-grade 3

Amanda Gislason

  • Visual Arts

Courtney Hugstad-VaaLeer

  • Elementary generalist-grade 2

Tom Meagher

  • Instructional Coach, Science

Michelle Simon

  • Elementary generalist-grade 1

Karla Wilke

  • Elementary generalist-grade 5

Team Lead

  • Amanda Gislason


Owatonna Public Schools