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Visual Arts, English Language Arts, Science
Concentration: STEM
Grade: 1
Duration: one week
Summary: The first grade students will read text, research and write informational text about a prairie animal. Students use information about the animal and its habitat to create a collage in the style of Eric Carle that visually represents the animal and includes features of the prairie animal’s habitat.
Visual Arts, English Language Arts
Concentration: Artistic Process: Make
Grade: 7
Duration: Over the course of a month
Summary: Students interview either an older relative or an elder in the community to develop an understanding of local, national or world history. Students create a digital biography about the person they interviewed. From the historical time period of the digital biography, students employ elements of fiction and the elements of the graphic novel to also create their own graphic short story about an historical event.
Visual Arts, English Language Arts
Concentration: Photography, Poetry
Grade: 5
Duration: ongoing, semester
Summary: Telling a story through poetry/narrative and deepening the story through images.
Visual Arts, English Language Arts, Math
Concentration: History
Grade: 7
Duration: 4 weeks
Summary: Students will understand that Lake Superior, their home, has great stories to learn and to experience. From research and understanding of the purpose of story they wrote a claims-support-conclusion paragraph and retold a shipwreck event from the perspective of a person aboard the ship. Math skills were used for creating an informational map to support the story. Each student bound their pages using a “stab-bound” method of bookmaking and contributed to a classroom anthology of their writing.
STEM, Visual Arts, Science
Concentration: Artistic Process: Make
Grade: 2
Duration: Over the course of 4 weeks
Summary: Students will identify the resources that plants need to live. Through Science, Technology, Engineering,  and Math (STEM) investigation, students will be able to describe the different ways in which plants fulfill their needs. In art, students learn how to be able to describe a plant visually. Using their learning about plants students integrate learning to create  informative signage for a community garden the students designed and planted.
Media Arts, Math, Science
Concentration: Biology, Respond
Grade: 10
Duration: Over the course of a month
Summary: Geometry is a universal tool for detecting and understanding relationships in nature. Students find and photograph underlying geometric properties found in nature. Using the photographs, students sequence their photographs into a presentation documenting the geometric properties and the relationships (parts to whole) found in organic structures in nature.
Visual Arts, Science
Grade: 2
Duration: Two weeks
Summary: Students integrate science learning about solids and liquids and how ice is formed to create ice sculptures that incorporate found objects and the elements of art.
Visual Arts, English Language Arts
Concentration: Create or Make
Grade: 6
Duration: Over the course of a month
Summary: The 6th graders read a historical fiction book called A Nest for Celeste.  The historical portions of the book focus on the life and work of John James Audubon. A Nest for Celeste is a unique chapter book.  It has illustrations on nearly every page.  This unique and beautiful book created opportunities for students to “read” the illustrations, compare and contrast the illustrations with the text, make predictions about the storyline, and experience how artwork can enhance our understanding of the written word. Drawing on inspiration from the book students wrote an argumentative essay about...