The Collaborative Arts Integration Framework

"Like many people working in the arts, we often have discussions about process and product. Both are important to this arts integration project. You won’t find lesson plans on this website that you can use immediately in your classroom. That is because this project focuses on process. We support teachers to collaboratively develop, implement, assess, and reflect on arts-integrated learning experiences. This Collaborative Arts Integration Process is outlined in this section. The examples of curriculum units on this website are the products of that teacher collaborative work."

Perpich Arts Integration Process

graphic depicting process

forming teams exploring arts integration planning backward reflecting on work teaching students sharing learning

Based on what we’ve learned through several years of this project, the Collaborative Arts Integration Framework is designed as a resource for you and your school colleagues. It doesn’t matter if you are a specialist in the arts or another content area, or are an elementary, high school or K-12 teacher.

The steps outlined here can be accomplished by teacher teams with or without facilitation, in sequence or separately as needed. Working with an outside facilitator is recommended for teachers and teacher teams beginning the Collaborative Arts Integration Process.

We hope you find the contents of this site useful and affirming and encourage you to share your experiences of collaborative arts integration with us.