Exploring Arts Integration

"Thinking about trying arts integration out, but not sure if we’re talking about the same thing? We may not be, since there is no set definition of arts integration and what makes good arts integration. Below we share our definition and a rubric for describing quality arts integration, along with a summary of research about the impact of arts integration on teaching and learning."

What is it?

Our Definition of Arts Integration: Arts Integration is an instructional strategy that involves collaboratively teaching and assessing the content and processes of two or more subject areas in combination, including the arts, to increase and deepen student learning.

What does good arts integration look like?

Based on foundation in arts integration research and literature and fleshed out as a response to what we’ve seen teachers and students do in arts integration, our Perpich team has developed a rubric for describing quality in arts integration. This rubric can be used by teachers as a tool throughout the core Collaborative Arts Integration Cycle of Planning, Implementing, and Reflecting.

arts integration graphic

Digging Deeper

Information from a growing body of research is painting a picture of the impact of arts integration on student and teacher learning.

Summary of key arts integration research

Extended Annotated Bibliography