Planning Backward


How will teachers know that the learning described in the learning goals has been accomplished? Teacher teams can use the Alignment Chart to make their assessments more precisely aligned with their goals for student learning and more understandable for teachers in other content areas.

Assessment Types help teachers decide which assessment activities will best measure the selected kind of learning. The ABC's of Performance Assessment help teachers consider different qualities of quality assessments and design assessment activities that will engage students.

To learn more about what research is saying about effective assessment practices read Best Assessment Practices.pdf.

Digging Deeper

For an in depth look at our approach to developing effective assessment activities view the Assessment Activities video below.

Authentic Processes

Authenticity is a high priority in quality collaborative arts integration, and authentic processes can help teachers figure out the steps students need to be successful. Practicing scientists have internalized the processes of scientific inquiry, mathematicians the processes of numerical problem solving, and artists the processes of creating, performing and responding. These processes describe adult behaviors in different disciplines. They can be used by teacher teams as a structure for the learning plan, highlighting helpful places for formative assessments and providing a place to start for designing incremental instructional steps. To learn more view the authentic process maps below:

The Arts


Scientific Inquiry

Historical Inquiry

Writing and Reading