Arts Integration Resources

Exploring Arts Integration

Our Project definition of Arts Integration: Arts Integration is an instructional strategy that involves collaboratively teaching and assessing the content and processes of two or more subject areas in combination, including the arts, to increase and deepen student learning.

Arts Integration Rubric

Summary of Key Arts Integration Research

Extended Annotated Biliography

Reflecting on Student Work

All teachers who develop units of study in the Perpich Arts Integration Project have an opportunity to participate in a Review of Student Work panel with their peers. 

45 minute Protocol

Presenting Team Tool for Protocol

Tool for Panel Teachers

Sharing Learning

The Perpich Arts Integration Project uses this website to help share the work of the teachers in the project with the teachers in Minnesota and beyond.

Here are links to unit plans for arts integration units across K-12 that include many different content areas.

Arts Integrated Units

Who is in our Project?

Authentic Process

Here are schematics for disciplinary processes that can frame learning. Arts integration teachers are encouraged to design their learning sequence with appropriate processes in mind.

The Arts                         Historical Inquiry

Design                           Writing and Reading

Scientific Inquiry

Unit Planning Resources