Unabridged Video Library

Teacher teams share their arts integration units of study with other teachers in the Perpich Arts Integration Network during the annual Arts Integration Conference in June, 2017.

Run time: 6 minutes

The Perpich Arts Integration Network of Teachers from across Minnesota meet annually to celebrate their work in arts integration. This video captures the Arts Integration Fair in which participants share their units with each other. The network met at Minneapolis College of Art and Design June 9 & 10, 2015.

Run time: 7 minutes 20 seconds

In small groups, students research a human rights issue, decide on a message they wish to convey regarding that issue, and create a mixed media artwork along with an artist statement with the purpose of conveying that message to an audience.

Run time: 7 minutes 15 seconds

Second graders at McKinley Elementary School, Owatonna, Minnesota, study the life cycle of plants and extend their learning through narrative writing, technical drawing and claymation.

Run time: 8 minutes 15 seconds

New York Mills tenth graders gained a deeper understanding of ecosystems through the lens of photography.

Run time: 14:35

Sixth grade students at Lake Park Audubon Elementary participated in a school-wide theater production in spring, 2013. As part of a theater and English/Language Arts unit, students wrote poetry describing their experience. Share their enthusiasm by viewing this video.

Run time: 4:00

Elementary students in Wheaton Elementary School explore the topic, "What makes Traverse County unique and different?" through language arts, music, and visual arts.

Run time: 9 minutes