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Teachers engaged with pan flutes

Adapting Arts Integration Units for Your Classroom

Are you interested in using one of the published units on our PAINT website, or in using arts-integrated curriculum you found in another collection? Maybe you like many things about the unit, but you know it will require some adapting to make it work in your classroom, and figuring out what to adapt is puzzling. As you begin to make it your own keep in mind the categories of learning called for, the kinds of artistic processes students are using, and the benchmarks for grade ranges just above and just below those you are teaching.


When positivity is challenged, patience is lacking, and persistence is deflated, remember to be grateful.  We have had genuine experiences.  We can do this.

collaborative graphic from GTCommunications


The Perpich Center Arts Integration Network of Teachers engage in powerful professional learning experiences in which collaborating with colleagues is embedded in the program goals. Arts Integration as well as other interdisciplinary curriculum frameworks provide the on-ramp for collaboration.

Dorothea Lang's Migrant Mother

World Art Museums in Your Classroom

Responding to art is an important process in an arts classroom and can be a valuable strategy when integrating art into other content areas.  But not all classrooms have collections of art prints like many art classrooms have.  Here is a repost from my educational technology blog about Google's Art Project: Some pieces of artwork have had a profound impact on me. Dorothea Lange’s "Migrant Mother" is one such image that, for me, epitomized the despair of people during the Great Depression.

shipwreck underwater

Breaking Down the Walls, Building up the Excitement

Shipwrecks abound in room 202 at William Kelley High School in Silver Bay, MN. Each student in my class is researching his or her very own Lake Superior shipwreck. Engagement has never been higher. Students feel ownership over their reading because they are the only one with knowledge about a particular shipwreck. After a local storyteller’s visit, students have begun telling their own stories. Conversations between students and parents have been sparked as students bring their excitement home.

transformation graphic

Transformation through Collaboration

Interdisciplinary learning and collaborative group work can be challenging (and rewarding) for students. Our students explored the big idea of transformation through poetry, animation, and music while working in groups to produce a final project. We as teachers worked to bring the tools and techniques of each of our disciplines to make this learning a rich interdisciplinary experience for our students. Our transformations began....


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