Frequently Asked Questions

What is arts integration?

Arts integration involves collaboratively teaching and assessing the content and processes of two or more subject areas in combination, including the arts, to increase and deepen student learning, thinking, and inquiry.  

What are some examples of arts integration?

·       Tenth grader science student investigated and showed their understanding of ecosystems through photography. Students took photographs of ecosystems in a state park, then compiled them into a video in which they explained the successful art elements of the photograph as well as how each part of the ecosystem contributes to it.

·       In history class, high schoolers analyzed Civil War era photographs, interpreting what happened before, during, and after the event captured in the image. Using principles of theater and extensive research about the war and the time period, students created a scene to communicate the meaning of their photograph.

·       Focusing on engineering and math learning, elementary students described the different elements and important shapes of houses from the Three Little Pigs, then designed their own house that would withstand the wolf.