Cromwell Wright School

Curriculum Units:

  • Visual Arts, English Language Arts, Science

    Can anything tell a story? Can a story be told without words? In this unit students will discover that even the trees around them can tell their story of survival. High school science students help second graders identify trees and their characteristics. Second graders then “adopt’ a tree and through careful observation, questioning, investigation, and speculation they uncover the story of a tree and learn what their tree needs to survive.

School Year


Project Participants

Nathan Libbon

  • Principal

Mellisa Lind

  • Elementary generalist-grade 1, Elementary generalist-grade 2

Katie Newmarch

  • Elementary generalist-grade 4

Jennifer Painovich

  • Elementary generalist-grade 1

Kristen Palmquist

  • Music

Rachel Weizenegger

  • Visual Arts

Lori Wester

  • Science

Team Lead

  • Kristen Palmquist


Cromwell-Wright ISD 95