Arts Integration News Archive

March 2013

  • Pelican Rapids teachers discuss kindergarten project

    Pelican Rapids, Minnesota, Post Project Reflection

    March 2013, Kindergarten teacher Cindy Strand and visual arts teacher Laura Moe reflect on their arts integration math unit on solid shapes. Perpich facilitators guide them through a reflection process to identify successes and challenges and to explore student learning.

  • Becca Barniskis leads participants in response protocol

    Southeast Teachers Learn through Response Protocol

    October 2013, Southeast Arts Integration teachers gathered on October 3 in Rochester to continue their learning journey around arts integration. Becca Barniskis walked participants through a response protocol for examining art work.

  • Principal gathering

    Lakes Country School Leaders Explore Arts Integration

    Febraury 2013, eight school principals from the Lakes Country region met to discuss how the Perpich arts integration project has impacted teacher and student learning in their sites. Lakes Country administrators have an opportunity to continue the arts integration work in their schools and...