Sharing Learning

Moving through the cyclical process of planning backward, teaching students, and reflecting on the work leads to learning and ways of working that are innovative and important to share! Helping others understand what arts integration is, and its benefits, can help lead to sustainable arts integration in the school.  For example, teachers in the project:

  • Share strategies for arts integration and education with the rest of their school staff during meetings and in-services. This leads to a ripple effect in professional development.
  • Present their work to the school board. This can result in broader understanding, support, and buy in from administration.
  • Present their work to community groups, such as the Rotary Club. This can result in community support of arts integration in the school, such as funding and visiting expertise.
  • Organize culminating celebrations of learning, such as exhibitions and performances, and invite other classrooms and teachers, administrators, parents and the community.

The Perpich Center uses this website to help share the work of the teachers in the project with the citizens of Minnesota.

Digging Deeper

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