Featured Unit Plans

Visual Arts, Science
Grade: 5
Duration: 2 weeks

Fifth grade students will learn and practice basic drawing skills, including the difference between drawing like an artist and drawing like a scientist. They will practice scientific drawings that align with fifth grade content.

Visual Arts, Social Studies
Concentration: Create or Make, History
Grade: 11
Duration: one week

For centuries people all over the world have debated whether traditional or modern living is more valuable. The juxtaposition of time and culture is one way this theme is expressed in pieces of art.  In this unit, these concepts are studied through an exploration of African history and visual art. Prior to this unit, students will have already studied World History and drawing.

Visual Arts, English Language Arts, Science
Concentration: Environmental Science
Grade: 2
Duration: Throughout the school year

Can anything tell a story? Can a story be told without words? In this unit students will discover that even the trees around them can tell their story of survival. High school science students help second graders identify trees and their characteristics. Second graders then “adopt’ a tree and through careful observation, questioning, investigation, and speculation they uncover the story of a tree and learn what their tree needs to survive.

Visual Arts, Science
Concentration: Artistic Process: Create
Grade: 6
Duration: 5 Class Periods

Students research the properties of glass in science and design a fused glass pendant. Using their science learning they predict the outcome of the glass fusing process, and reflect on the final outcome, realizing that in the creation of art the artist uses science concepts.

Visual Arts, Social Studies, English Language Arts
Concentration: Artistic Process: Create
Grade: 1
Duration: Over the course of a month

The student will ask questions in an interview with a family member  to learn about events in their family’s history. From the information they collect, a cinquain poem and collage will be created. A family reception for sharing poetry and art concludes the unit.

Visual Arts, Spanish, Music
Concentration: Respond
Grade: 7 & 8
Duration: Extended over two weeks

Students explore Spanish culture through music, language, dance, and social customs. The central question explored in the unit is, “How are music and art connected to history, culture and the human experience?”  

Visual Arts, Math
Concentration: Artistic Process: Create
Grade: 10 & 11
Duration: Three Weeks

Students explore the essential question, “What types of relationships can be modeled by linear graphs?” Math and visual art are integrated to help students understand how algebraic expressions are used to analyze or solve problems, how real world situations can be represented symbolically and graphically, and how design can be based on mathematical operations.  

Visual Arts, English Language Arts
Concentration: Artistic Process: Create
Grade: 4
Duration: Two weeks

Students  determine the mood/feeling of a haiku, create a haiku that communicates a particular mood/feeling, and create an original, Jackson Pollock-inspired painting that expresses the mood/feeling of their haiku poem. They share their ideas and reflect on their learning through an artist statement.