Featured Unit Plans

Visual Arts, English Language Arts, Music
Grade: 3
Duration: Three weeks

Grade three students use the music, art, and English Language Arts to express their own individuality and find ways to demonstrate respect to and acceptance of others.

Visual Arts, English Language Arts, Science
Grade: K
Duration: Two weeks

Kindergarten students study the ocean, integrating science, art, and English language arts. They discover what makes an ocean a habitat and use this knowledge in many ways.

Visual Arts, English Language Arts
Grade: 5
Duration: Three weeks

Using a variety of writing and artistic strategies for expressing oneself, the student experiences how writing and art can be used to express aspects of who they are.

Visual Arts, Social Studies, Science
Concentration: Economics, Environmental Science, Photography
Grade: 9-12
Duration: Three weeks

Economics, environmental science, and art are integrated in a photo series created to express the student’s own ideas or opinions about consumption, based on knowledge about the impact of consumption on the environment and economics.

Visual Arts, Math
Concentration: Create or Make, Geometry
Grade: 7
Duration: 7-10 days

Students learn the math skill of determining scale factor through a sculpture unit. Students take a small model for a stabile sculpture and increase its size mathematically for a final enlarged artwork.

Visual Arts, English Language Arts, Math
Concentration: Create or Make
Grade: K
Duration: Undetermined

Kindergarten students explore shape and form, through math and art. Students use the fairy tale “Rupunzel” and “Tangled” as source material for a three-dimensional tower using shapes of a cylinder, cone, rectangular prism, and pyramid.

Visual Arts, English Language Arts, Music
Concentration: Video, Writing
Grade: 9
Duration: Undetermined

High school students explore their own personal story through video. They use a writing process to write their story, select visual art and music to elaborate on their story, and create a video using video editing tools to combine all the elements.

Visual Arts, English Language Arts, Dance, Music
Grade: 4
Duration: Four Weeks

Students explore the culture of Minnesota Dakota Indians through the lens of visual arts, music, dance, and English language arts. As an introduction to traditional and contemporary Dakota/Ojibwe culture students respond to the powwow in many different ways.