Featured Unit Plans

Visual Arts, English Language Arts, Science
Grade: 2
Duration: Three weeks

Does the life cycle of a plant have parallels to my own life cycle? Can change cause growth, growth cause change? Through claymation and technical drawing students recount their scientific observations of a plant’s life cycle, and compare their own growth to that of plants.  Click here to see a video of this project.

Amanda Gislason

Lori Huisenga

Social Studies, English Language Arts, Music
Concentration: Writing, Geography
Grade: 2
Duration: One month

Students learn about time and place. Students work together to develop questions they will ask of a senior citizen in an interview. They each interview a senior resident and use that information to develop a map of their county; locations of where that senior resident lived, where the student lives, and locations where interview stories took place. The interview will include questions about past experiences and the senior citizen’s favorite music. The student will write about one of the stories from the interview and also compare and contrast characteristics of the music talked about with music they personally enjoy.

Visual Arts, English Language Arts, Science
Concentration: Engineering, Geometry, Reading and Writing
Grade: 1
Duration: Four weeks

Students studied engineering through home design. In the self-contained classroom students studied aspects of architecture through science, math, art, reading and writing

Visual Arts, Science
Concentration: Biology, Photography
Grade: 10
Duration: Three weeks

Students photograph ecosystems and develop a digital photostory with narration that explains components of an ecosystem and how the elements and principles of art are present in that ecosystem.

To see a short video about this unit, click here.

Visual Arts, English Language Arts, Music
Concentration: Writing
Grade: 11
Duration: Four weeks

Composing poetry, music, and art, students explore the potential of diverse artistic expression to convey a mood, feeling, idea or theme and explore the strengths of each art form on interpretation.