Forming a Team

The first step for teachers interested in collaborative arts integration is to form a team of teachers to work through the core Collaborative Arts Integration Cycle of Planning, Implementing, and Reflecting.

Why collaborative arts integration?

It has been said that arts integration is about breaking down silos. This means not only between disciplines, but also between our classrooms. The point of collaborative arts integration is to work together to improve student learning by finding ways to combine diverse expertise and ideas for helping students make connections and synthesize across disciplines.

Who should be on our Arts Integration team?

The members of your arts integration team should be the people who want to increase and deepen student learning in the school and who think arts integration can help do that. Each member should be willing to collaborate with others, in planning, co-teaching, and reflecting on lessons. Each member should also be willing to engage in professional inquiry, reach across content areas, and try new concepts and approaches in teaching and learning. Often teachers find working in pairs and triplets leads to identifying the richest opportunities for strong connections across disciplines.